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inFlow Inventory

inFlow is inventory management software designed for small to mid-sized businesses.

inFlow helps people save time on paperwork, fulfill customer needs accurately, and free up cash held in excess inventory. inFlow tracks inventory, customer orders, and purchase orders, and can
help with generating reports and reordering stock. It allows multiple computers to be
connected so everyone can work together.

Since 2007, inFlow has been installed over 1 million times in 120+ countries across
countless industries. We have retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, e-commerce,
professional services, healthcare, government, etc. using inFlow.

inFlow comes in three editions: Free, Regular ($399), and Premium ($799).
The licensing of Regular and Premium edition is a one-time cost.
We offer online, email, and phone support.
Customers can download the software and
buy licenses directly on our website.

Learn more about our inventory software at


Carta is an online order and inventory management application built for businesses.
It can help you track orders, manage inventory, and communicate more easily.

Building on the feedback and insights from inFlow’s 500,000+ users,
we started developing Carta in 2010 to go beyond the desktop.
After three years of development,
countless cups of coffee and buckets full of love,
we created something special.

Give our online order management system a try at | 1·866·923·4974 | 260 Carlaw Ave. Unit 207, Toronto, Canada, M4M 3L1